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Carrie's Big Cup Of Joe

At cf&co, we drink a LOT of coffee... Some good, some bad. We decided we needed to find our own coffee that we could drink every day AND offer to our guests and friends.

Welcome to Carrie's Big Cup 'O Joe"! Roasted exclusively for Carrie Fell & Company, this coffee brings back the magnificent qualities of one of the world’s oldest blends. Today we achieve a wonderfully balanced, ultra-smooth, bright coffee from high-grown Peruvian and Burundian beans for a taste that’s super clean. Available in our unique K-cup style, whole bean or ground, this blend this medium roast blend is so drinkable many cream-in-their-coffee drinkers enjoy it naked.

If you prefer a bolder eye-opening blend, check out the Eye Opener.

In addition, we are proud to commit 25% of all sales to A Precious Child - providing critical support to families in our community.

Available in:

K-Cup pods (10/bag) - $15.99*

Whole bean (12 oz. bag) - $18.99*

Ground bean (12 oz. bag) - $18.99*

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