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    Essentially the art of living is approaching life fluidly... gracefully... making the changes necessary in our home, family, relationships, and through ourselves...

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    By expressing their own styles with Carrie's art, collectors show how bold lines and colors can work against any backdrop.

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    With such a broad following, Carrie is frequently invited as the featured artist or guest speaker at events around the country! Make plans to join us in person!


“My team and I believe deeply that beauty and art should be the beginning of an interior, not an afterthought.”

- Carrie

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"The first time my husband and I saw Carrie’s work in a gallery in Vail we were immediately drawn to her art. The simplicity of form and the anonymous nature of those forms combined with such bold use of color really spoke to us. I am always amazed when our guests look at the pieces in our home and each person has such a different interpretation of the art. To us, that is truly the beauty and talent of each piece of her work."

Dana + Scott, collectors