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Award-winning artist. Author. Entrepreneur. What began as inspiration some 30 years ago has evolved over time and is ready once again to step onto a broader stage.

Carrie Fell started her company, originally as Carrie Fell Art Collections Inc., in the 90’s, as she paired her natural and marketable talent as an artist with her ambition to start her own business. As she learned how to take her visions of the Western landscape and its characters from development to production and to market, she was simultaneously building a loyal collector base who appreciated her large-scale pieces and bold use of color. As an award-winning artist, her business was slowly growing but things would really take off when she was invited in the early 2000’s to join the coveted group of artists represented by legendary art aficionado and gallery owner, Paul Züeger. Over the past two decades, Carrie has continued to expand the list of collectors and outlets for her work – from galleries, private homes, Presidential Libraries, museums, and major restaurants and commercial installations – always finding new ways to express herself and delight her followers.

As her business grew, it also experienced a natural ebb and flow associated with economic realities and changing consumer interests. In 2010, Carrie decided to try her hand at running her own gallery, and Carrie Fell Gallery was launched. Between balancing her studio in Denver and the Gallery in Vail, Carrie was kept busy, culminating with being awarded a commission by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for the 2015 World Championships in Vail, Colorado. “Running the gallery was a real challenge because I couldn’t be there all of the time,” Carrie has said. “I wasn’t able to ensure collectors and visitors would get the same experience in my Gallery as when I was there, personally. I simply couldn’t do both: be the artist and the Gallery Director from different cities.” Accordingly, she returned to a full-time art focus in 2016 and began the process of expanding her creative outlets – launching PaperHang, DESIGNLine, and a limited edition of sculptures, among many initiatives.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Carrie once again pivoted, as resort towns and galleries were shuttered. She decided to write the BOOK many had long asked for. Beginning in March, she worked with a small internal core team of production supervisors, editors, and graphic designers to bring to life her writings in the pen name of “Ruby Copper” along with images carefully curated from her 30 years of art creations. In November of 2020, “The ART of CARRIE FELL And The Chronicles of Ruby Copper: A Retrospective Review 1994-2020” was officially released, and though the official launch would have to be virtual, the book is included in The Library of Congress and in its first print, has sold more than 300 copies. This magnificent coffee table book is 560 pages, with more than 400 images, representing less than ten percent of her overall catalog.

Following the successful release of the BOOK, Carrie once again set her sights on peaks beyond her past successes. In 2021, as the world was emerging from the pandemic, so too was it time for a metamorphosis: Carrie rebranded her company “cf&co” and since has begun to add new business lines to the parent company that speak to unique markets and their needs.

Most recently, following Carrie’s keen instincts about the evolving art market, cf&co. minted its inaugural non-fungible token (NFT) piece – “Front Runner” – exclusively for the Denver Children’s Foundation 2022 Polo Gala Auction. With four more NFT’s minted on the digital market, OpenSea, Carrie Fell & Company is boldly stepping into this new realm of expression. “As art collectors evolve, the use of space is adapting to an aesthetic that allows for multi-use,” says Carrie. “In creating digital art that is still uniquely and unmistakably ‘Carrie Fell’ our collectors can keep these extraordinary, one-of-a-kind new pieces in a digital vault, allowing for the acquisition and experience in a personal environment not dependent on more traditional outlets.”

Today, with everything from original gallery art to interior design and personal effects in development – cf&co continues to evolve and expand. However, just like the founder, herself, cf&co is just hitting its stride. As has always been the focus during her career, cf&co’s new tagline says it all: let’s begin with the art.