Collection: NXT by Carrie Fell

As Carrie Fell aficionados expand and evolve their collections, one thing is certain - cf&co is always preparing for what might come next. We are proud to provide a new service for those individuals holding Carrie Fell artwork - called NXT.

NXT is our consignment service that offers collectors an opportunity to place with us their art that may no longer work in their collection or space and we'll then connect with our extensive network of galleries, brokers and collectors get maximum value on your sale. 

Whether you just want to try something new, are downsizing your space or have other plans, NXT by Carrie Fell & Co. is ready to support your art's next act.

* This service is not exclusive to Carrie Fell fine art; however, valuing pieces created by other artists may require research and attendant costs. Please click here to contact us.