carrie fell & co at the forefront of art again

Award-winning artist. Author. Entrepreneur. Carrie Fell is known by many monikers, however, perhaps most impressive is that of visionary. Carrie has long sought new mediums through which to express herself and in the minting of the inaugural non-fungible token (NFT) piece – “Front Runner” – exclusively for the Denver Children’s Foundation 2022 Polo Gala Auction, Carrie Fell & Company boldly step into this new realm of expression.

As art collectors evolve, the use of space is adapting to an aesthetic that allows for multi-use. In creating digital art that is still uniquely and unmistakably “Carrie Fell,” collectors can keep these extraordinary, one-of-a-kind new pieces in a digital vault, allowing for the acquisition and experience in a personal environment not dependent on more traditional outlets.

Check out the feature piece in Polo Magazine  (pg. 17) about Carrie Fell's inaugural NFT, minted exclusively for the Denver Children's Foundation 2022 Polo Classic fundraiser.  Between the original NFT and its physical twin, cf&co helped DCF raise $20,000.

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