scenic route

It’s that time of year … reaching for a cashmere cover and relishing long drives through winding roads. Vistas resplendent in rich earthy hues and momentary visions of gold-covered mountain passes. Fall represents its own form of renewal… back to school… trees shedding old summer leaves in preparation for a winter of quiet growth…It’s always my favorite time for reflecting on the “light” in colorful Colorado and high-country living.  Being aware of our connection to all things manifests itself in our choices. Because each of us holds our own power, how we react to one another and our observations regarding life and experiences along the route reverberate like a ripple in the water – touching many: friends and family… people we may never meet. This power requires that we choose wisely how we take in the energy around us, and more importantly, how we project our own energy back into our surroundings. In closing, the summer exhibitions have come and gone… and I am here again, at the drawing board. The end of one road giving way to the start of another… A process as certain as the Colorado seasons. --Carrie

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