Welcome to ARTful style.

In the pages of each issue, you will find a fresh mix of the many artwork and design movements by Carrie Fell. We will be introducing you to the leading industry professionals, style trends, and art solutions in both scale and business. Mindful content and perspectives by cf&co that look to inspire you on a wide range of design and art ideas.

What makes cf&co unique from even the most successful of our predecessors is the art. We begin with art – in all forms – allowing design and inspiration to flow from it, not relegate it to an afterthought.

Whatever your lifestyle vision, we hope ARTful Style offers you inspiration and ideas that can be installed as we have illustrated, or combined in exciting new ways that reflect your sensibilities and define your very personal space – always starting with what inspires you. No matter how you get there, the team at ARTful Style wishes to invite you on the journey to a beautiful life in a place that says, “I’m home.”

let's begin with the art.

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