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Mum - Black on White

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This simple but glorious depiction of a mum is created using the traditional method of serigraphy (also known as silkscreening) - which refers to an image printed using ink and stencils. Artists make serigraphs by placing a stencil on the medium and then applying ink to the areas not covered by the stencil. Each piece is numbered and signed by Carrie, ensuring value for the collector.

The Mums are currently available in black on white or white on black, on canvas or paper, with or without framing. Future editions of this collection will include more colors and metallic finishes!

As each carrie by Carrie Fell is individually curated and signed by the artist, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

cf&co Private Collection

all works are the original intellectual property and copyright of carrie fell and may be remastered or reused at the artist's sole discretion. any unauthorized use of these images or descriptions without the artist's written consent is strictly prohibited.