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Power Tie

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A nod to the cool chic style of the 70's - Power Tie is a part of the Modern Social Collection by Carrie Fell. Originally created for the Art Hamptons exhibition, "Langston" is a mixed media on paper - with a vinyl backdrop, hand-applied paper flowers, and gold-rimmed glasses, accentuating Carrie's fluid style of the gentleman himself. With a simple glance, you know immediately where he's headed...

This piece is available as an original mixed media on paper, or as a fine graphic edition on paper - with framing as an option (priced separately upon selection of finish).

As each carrie by Carrie Fell is individually curated and signed by the artist, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • the frame

    Poplar hardwood is milled to our exacting standard 1-3/8” width with an eased edge to maintain a smoother painting surface. The bars are custom fabricated for each piece and assembled to create the perfect frame for the canvas.

  • the canvas

    Carrie uses only top-of-the-line, archival-quality, 15 oz canvas - triple-primed with acid-free titanium gesso to reach a finished weight of 20 oz. More stable and durable than lighter-weight canvases, it supports heavier paint and larger applications with ease and offers an outstanding substrate for almost any medium. Once the poplar frame has been created the premium quality canvas is hand-stretched to ensure a tight wrap and superior smoothness for Carrie’s creations.

  • the authenticity assurance

    Utilizing the newest technology all Carrie Fell originals and editions have a digital certificate of authenticity through Verisart, which is encrypted and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain is a public record, however only accessible to the entity that has the digital key to the certificate. Each blockchain record is tamper-proof which ensures your certificate timestamps are securely and permanently recorded. The combination of security, transparency and anonymity provided by the blockchain enables the certification and verification without the risk of corruption, loss, or expiration - thus protecting your records of
    creation and ownership. This is bar-none the greatest degree of assurance that every Carrie Fell piece is certified and authenticated, guaranteeing provenance.

all works are the original intellectual property and copyright of carrie fell and may be remastered or reused at the artist's sole discretion. any unauthorized use of these images or descriptions without the artist's written consent is strictly prohibited.